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 "I would rather have one percent

 of 100 people's efforts

  than 100% of my own."       

                                             -Famous Quote by Andrew Carnegie





Welcome Newest Team Member, `Are you reading my emails?
This lesson today is about Value.
A dollar is a dollar.   Right? ..Yeh!
An apple is not an orange?  Right? ..Yeh.
A J.O.B. you have is where you Exchange your Time for a certain Rate Per Hour.
(you're basically renting your time out for a premium hourly fee- but you're still Just Over Broke)
So lets say, if you had a job in the last 6-9 months.... and You Stopped working today.


~How much Value will you continue to recieve in Dollars?

  ...Think about this and answer me.... ______________________
How much will you receive in 1 month, this month, because you wanted some time off.
~How much will your employer pay you?
ZERO!  ..... Oh, isn't that cheap of him...
Now picture this in your mind; you did something 7 months ago that added Value to you.
Then you did something again 6 months ago that added Value to you again.
You did something 5 months ago. You did something that added Value to you.

In the last 4 months through current month that ADDED VALUE to you as a Business, I did not say employee.

Now you take 1 month off and supposingly you recieved $500 in 'residual income' as an example here.
You're at a certain Key level in your business where its paying you $500 per month.
<> Now you do the math on this...

What's $500 X 12 months=     .........................six thousand dollars......


<> How much Cash would you need in your Bank, to Spin off Interest Income to you if you had a LUMP SUM of Principal (and this principal, you never spend- you'll pass intact to your children.... in other words you don't Touch the principal) and the Bank or Money Market Mutual Fund paid you 5% annual return?
How much CASH in your Account are you WORTH in order for your Bank or Mutual Fund to send you $6000 per year as Interest Income?
 Use a calculator, Write to me with your answer.... I'll give you $25 credit on your new marketing system when I custom build this out for you, 0r- a $10 Gift sent directly to your home!

This Offer Expires exactly in 24 hours after you've read this far. It will be timestamped... in the Subject Line write, "$25, the Answer is ...." or "$10, the answer is ....". Please do it this way so I can identify where you were on my website.

Remember, just Keep on Showing the FREEDOM Video to everyone you meet.


Best of Success, 
Greg T Lisoff
ps. Your business doesn't grow by itself when you're New and you don't have your 1st level built out...
`If you treat this like a hobby- you'll be paid like that of a hobby.
Work your Business Very Seriously and you're business will pay you very serious money!  Do this Daily...Good Luck!

Allow me to take you further inside this business.

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 Disclosure: Your Income & your results will vary according to your work habits, study habits, and the collective action of your network. I cannot guarantee your income. This is Not a job proposal.