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My Mission Statement is

to really Help you;

  • To Truly Understand the Concept of Money and Wealth~Creation  Principles (will cover Gold, Silver, and its History of Money... 99% of you don't even know this. `Do you know Why the 1% are the Ultra Rich? [the oligarchy])
  • Earn the Money more simpler than by having a job- Better tax breaks for being Self Employed 
  • Invest and Leverage your Money to grow it like the Top 5%
  • Greatly Improve your Credit Scores Over 750, so you even have more available money being thrown at you 
  • Grow and Enhance your Lifestyle to Achieve your Dreams

Please Inquire in the Golden & Black Box, You simply MUST if you seen this page. Enter your Name, Email, and Contact number so you can Learn More on the Interesting Subjects that I will be presenting to you covering the bullet points that I have outlined. It will be very interesting. I Promise you. Ignorance keeps most people broke. You don't want to be among the masses.

For Example; If you got a Bag of Apples in 1910 and you got a similar Bag of Apples today its basically the same thing= same value... Now if you recieved a $100 Bill in 1910 and you recieved a $100 today it appears to be the same, but its Not. It has a different Value!

`Ever ask yourself- "WHY" is it like the way it is? How does all this Effect me? ...Again Ignorance will Keep the Uninformed person Broke. The word- Oligarchy is derived from the Greek words. The actual literal translation from the Greek is "Rule of the Few".


The Videos below are a small representation about things being said about our economy in general. 






 DISCLOSURE: I am Not a licensed financial planner, nor a tax advisor, nor a loan broker. This is an educational webpage to further teach the concepts about gold, silver, money, credit, and the history of money. What is 'Money'? 99% of the population really do not truly understand, nor are aware of this.