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Aren't you tired of all the Home Base Business Opportunities that are being promoted that Offer Hype (but No Substance) & Simply don't make any sense?

What if this Works for you and you haven't really tried it.    ~Wouldn't that be a BIG LOSS to you?                  

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  • You've Hit a Glass Income Ceiling at work and you want simply more income or more time.
  • Technological Knowledge NOT Required to start 
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  • No Traveling unless you want to. This Saves gas. 
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  • No door to door thing.
  • No Selling in person to person here.
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But before we start, let me ask you a couple of personal questions, really think about this before you answer;


~WHY Are you Doing WHAT you're Doing for a Living? (Most people would answer to pay the bills of course and to eventually find a better higher paying job??)    Better think again... ( 3 min read)... because Click Here to Read US Recovery built on Lower Paying Jobs! Yahoo News reports.


Another question for you ;

Now the Work that you're Doing is it Really Getting you What you want out of Life?

Ultimately we all Desire & Want to be Well Off!

Wouldn't you Agree with me on this point? ...Most people would Agree!

And I'm assuming you are Discontent & Sick-N-Tired (other people getting ahead) & Dissatisfied & You simply Don't know this technology exists and thats the reason you are here reading this.

Some of you may consider going to College, be forewarned- "School Loans have to be repaid... You cannot discharge the Loans in Bankruptcy... they will get all their money out of you eventually!"... See this inside Story... the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1 hr long)....>Click here for COLLEGE, INC..

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Let me show you "How to" Design your Life around your Lifestyle and share with you some new information that I discovered in the last 20 years, but more lately in the last 3 years, that I was able to luckily discover. I say luckily because I could have missed it very easily if I didn't seek out the knowledge. It was Not Free! I've Invested a Lot of Money & Time into my personal & financial developement as a Business Person & Investor and you'll Benefit from this tremendously! `You Want to Consult with me about this Business on "How to Start." Click on big 'Buy Now'  button to Consult about building you a similar powerful system like this one. I'll provide you all the details! (You'll get 45 minutes of my undivided time to pick my brain and ask me questions. The $25 will be credited to you when you get your custom marketing system designed & built by me). 

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Give this Very `Careful Thought & Attention to what I'm about to reveal to you in the remaining webpage... Take the time to saturate your Mind, its so well worth it.... I promise you from my heart.










Most common elementary Idea or Goal that most people Think and Seek is this.......

 ...You Desire this; ....If You can make More Money than Enough, Bank & Invest the Extra Bucks, Fill up your Bank Account really Full like a cup overfloweth, and so that 1 Day you don't have to go to Work. And then just Live Off your Interest on the Accumulated Savings you've gotten and then Do what you really want to do with your Life, to whatever your Heart desires. Thats it!

Lets say..... We Take this as an Example..... that the Average Yearly Wage is $50,000 for a typical family. An average typical family works and tries to Bank as much as possible after the Bills are paid with their after-tax payroll checks that they get from their employer (if they can discipline themselves to do that), so that someday in the future their goal is fullfilled to have enough Interest Income coming off their Savings or Investments to replace their Entire $50,000 yearly Income that they were used to. You may make more or less, but the idea is the same.


So HOW MUCH of Monetary Capital would you Need to accomplish this task?   ...Lets do the Math here......

Lets see if this works for you?- Say you're Fortunate & you have socked away accumulated $100,000 Real Cash in the Bank laying around that pays you 5% return per year, thats $100,000 X .05 (5%) = $5,000 income only in 1 year. ....(But that won't really work, but its nice, but not enough to replace your income.  Its just roughly $416 per month (416 x 12 mos) or $5k for yearly income. Are you beginning to See the Problem?)

That said, then what you would Really Need is about 10 Bundles (a Fine Italian Leather Suitcase... Full ) of those $100,000 stacks, that would become $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars with 6 zeros) X .05 (5%) = ...this would produce $50,000 in a year in income to you, then this is obtainable.

So you know mathematically  you would need about $1,000,000  to get a return of $50,000 if the Bank paid you 5% Interest on your Money Market Checking Account or something Equivalent!

So you see through this method of monentary Capital or Cash you must have $1,000,000 in Value to get $50,000 Walk-Away Money. (The kind where you don't have to Work anymore! Sounds Nice..but its very challenging for most people, if they don't make enough so therefore they cannot save. Isn't this true?...sort of catch 22.) 

 Wouldn't you Agree with me here the way its explained?


Or, through Ownership of other monentary capital based assetts such as; Stocks, Bonds, and/or Real Estate.

For example- in your real estate holdings- one can get Positive Cash Flow (thats the leftover after your renters have paid you & you just paid your mortgage payment) ...Now 'If' you have a Positive Cash Flow of $200 per month per house leftover and you have 21 Rental Homes like this, This would SPIN OFF to you a Yearly Income of about $50,000. I'ld say you can easily have a NET WORTH of a Million Dollars if you got these kinds of results. One can Build a mini real estate empire, but that would require years & years of hard work with access to Credit and access to Extra Cash as well.


So here are the 2 common challenges you have. Either you're in;  

GROUP #1- WE HAVE GOOD MONEY EARNERS- the High Wage Earners/ BUT YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME! YOU ARE EXTREMELY BUSY!, Well if you are in this group and  you Stop Working... then the Money Stops, too!  

or  GROUP #2- We also have this group of PEOPLE with PLENTY of TIME- You might be in this Group: the Part-Time workers/ unemployed/ seasonal/ low paying jobs, BUT NOT ENOUGH MONEY PEOPLE!  Most people simply don't have enough Extra Monies to sock away into that Special Savings, so we don't have the Extra Dollars to find those Special Investments, Rental Houses, or certain Investments that we can get ahead to Make our Dreams to come true.

We may even tried to have 2 or 3 Jobs, but after 2-6 months working hard like a mad dog, you get extremely tired, cranky, & possibly burnt out! I've been here & done that as well!

What if there is a Solution for you, but Not through the Traditional sense of having a Job or having Multiple jobs.  ~ Just bear with me a little longer....

What I want to 'Show' you something incredible and powerful that will provide you a Walk-Away Income. This means the Income keeps coming in whether you work or not. This is like Residual Income... this means you can take a Vacation, Help others in Need, Whatever you want to do and your Income will not stop.


`TIME, to do whatever you want!  & `MONEY, serious good money every month without working (like a job).

Sounds Great & Interesting you may say, please give me more information.....or, You're thinking get on with it...   Ask yourself this... "What 'IF' this Really Works for you and you hadn't really tried it?" Wouldn't that be silly.


Ever heard the term Human or Labor Capital?

Most likely Not! Probably you haven't like so many people.... They don't teach us anything about money in high school or the colleges.

Do you see my name eco101? You know what it means? it means economy 101.... I figure there is a lot of people out there that are in the financial darkness and I'm here to show you a way out of this Rat Race... Learn more...







With this new technology around us in the last 20 years, we are becoming even more effecient & productive as individuals. So if we are more Productive & Effecient this should mean your wages should be even Higher that they were 10 yrs ago by at least Double by being more productive.

I say Double because housing Doubles in real estate value on the average every 7-10 years! Food Doubles in price! Many things doubled in price! Look around you, You can feel the squeeze! The Middle Class is losing Ground to forces outside of your Control.....  If your wages did not double, then that simply means your purchasing power has shrank & fallen behind. You're Not Keeping up with inflation & you're actually going backwards.

Don't you ever wonder why we don't have enough money left at the End of the month?


(We work the same as before in the previous years.....**** I'll tell you about this in a separate subject at another time, the real cause...stay tuned to me... I'll teach you a lot! I have many projects on the BackBurner per se...)

***Well as of Today, 11-11-11 the One Major Project is finished. `Learn everything about the subject of "MONEY/GOLD/SILVER and the HISTORY of MONEY" 

Click here =>  MONEY/GOLD/SILVER


Allow me 'SHOW You' this other method of- Human or Labor Capital;

<> At this point, if you Don't Know or Don't Understand what I talking about... then you NEED to Read "RICH DAD POOR DAD" Book by Robert T. Kiyosaki....as I have read all his books. You will understand then... if you understand Assetts & Liabilities, Pos. Cashflow -vs- Neg. Cashflow... Quadrants E, S, B, and I.  All the Good Stuff...

Here's Robert's YouTube Video... Watch it, then come back... `Have you signed in on the Blue Box Form yet? Sign Up for more information, you'll really love the information that I'll be sending to you! It's in the top right area. Send in your questions!

 Click ==>> Robert T. Kiyosaki <-Click it!


After you've built your Online/Offline Home Base Business with my Help to a certain key level and then it has its own ability to continue to expand and it continues to build by itself even further with more residual revenue coming in as it continues to grow geometrically for you but Now without you.....

Lets say (for example: It will depend on how SmartHard you're going to work and implement this specific opportunity in the beginning) when it starts to produce $100-500 a month for you (possibly enough to take care of your Average Car Payment) on a few hours per week....

<> Most people would see an Improvement in their lifestyle if they got an Extra $350 per month? It would relieve some financial pressure....

 You'ld AGREE it would relieve some. Want more pressure to be relieved? Then Do More of the Same... 

<> HOW WOULD THIS HELP YOU?  Think about this briefly...

Then as it continues to grows much more larger, maybe producing... say maybe.....  $800-$1,500 a month (enough to take care of your rent or mortgage payment now)

<> THINK ABOUT THIS! YOUR HOME NOW IS ALMOST PAID OFF (every month you collect this money and pay your mortgage or rent).... THERE IS MONEY COMING IN LIKE CLOCKWORK FOR YOU TO PAY YOUR MORTGAGE... JUST ENJOY THE PEACE OF MIND.... because its "residual income"... once its built properly it doesn't go down...Enjoy your Accomplishment & Help others to this level!


Then it grows to....say....  $1,800-$3,000 a month (maybe enough to bring home 1 spouse from work... Wow You're thinking.... This is Great!)

<> AS MORE MONEY Inflows into your Life Geometrically.... Now, you'll have more Choices. `Do you really want to do that 9-5 Grind for non-residual income anymore? You Want to Help out your Closest Friends and Associates to obtain the same level of income? As you Help them your Income continues to climb even more!

Then it grows to this level....    $4,200 a month  (*** This is a major milestone at $50,000 a year Residual Income, Do the Math Now.... Thats $50,000 Walk-Away Income! What kind of Value is this in Human or Labor Capital compared to Monentary Capital?

It doesn't have to stop here. There is truly No Glass Ceiling in what I'm doing online. Join up and do Follow me... You can do this too!

 In my opinion, its Almost the SAME as having a Value $1,000,000 Net Worth!

Did you See this and Understand this?

Now what 'IF' this works for you to and you really haven't tried it? Who is going to be kicking themselves in the bu** when this becomes mainstream? What if your friends approach you with this concept? ....then what?





~WHAT Company do you know, will pay you $50 per month to $20,000 per month when you Don't Show Up for Work for 1 month? Think about this?  ~If you have one let me know...

***Unemployment Insurance will, only, for a limited time..., but this is Not (Residual Income) & its temporary until you find a Job?

"Your Life doesn't change when you intellectually know better... Your Life changes when you take Action! Massive Action Steps!"

"As an employee you work for money, the Rich have their Money work for them. In this business you're building business assetts."

"Ideas are a dime a dozen. People who put them into Action are priceless"- Unknown

"To Accomplish Great Things, we must not only act, but also Dream, not only plan, but also Believe."- Anatole France

"To Obtain Certain Results, Are you Willing to Work Smart- To Help enough of Other People to Help them Get what they Want, then in Return you'll Get whatever you Want & Desire"?- quote by Greg Lisoff


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Best of Success,

Greg T. Lisoff                                                     

email; use the blue box top right.

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