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Welcome to Affordit Web Design Multi Media.

Have you realize with the Internet being main stream now, the media field has been leveled? No longer can the Rich Media Companies control the Advertising on TV, Cable, or Satellite. You at your finger tips now can have Commercials done at a fraction of those high costs... Multi Media is Powerful! YouTube traffic is climbing through the Roof! You have the Power to do your Own Commercials. You need to Share your Story about your Business using Video to Show to your Customers!

Explain & Tell them your Story...How they can benefit from you in particular way. Why are you better? How are you better than your competition?

Customers relate better to ordinary people, than some paid actor. They want good honest information, not the New York's Famous Madison Ave. hype or manipulation like what you see on TV commercials.

 I can Build you a Video Media Player like this... Like a little TV Show- Showing Infomercials... I can Help you even create Videos ( I do the Video, Editing, Publishing, and Uploading to your player in your Website)

This is a Great Way to teach & inform your Customers! 

~ Would you like to Rent a Little Space on my Website to park your Link or Custom Made Banner that will redirect some of My Traffic to your Website?

>>> Here is another Great Example of SEO,a Live Search you can do before your own eyes, before you View the Video below;

  • Remember, being on 1st Page of Google Maps or Yahoo Local... is very Powerful!!
  • Open New Tab  with Yahoo Local, put into search bar...
  •  'voice singing lessons in Portland, Oregon'
  • Open New Tab with Google, put into search bar...
  •   'voice singing lessons in Milwaukie, Oregon'
  • Now Watch what pulls up... Do you see Inna K.? Do you see the Website? 
  • Click on her link....,
  • then Click on her website link...
  • This is her page about her services...
  • Wouldn't you like to be Found on 1st Page of Yahoo Local or Google, too?
  • Observe her website address... interesting you may think?
  • Also Observe the Tab on the left inside her website,
  • Do you see my AfforditWebDesign tab?
  • Click on it... Now you're at my main website... you're home!
  • Fill out the Blue Online Form to get started...Don't Delay!! 
  • This is what I can do for you....   Get You Found on the Internet!!!

Now this another example of SEO is over...(remember I have many more...)

Go and Click the Play Button on the Media Player down below...after you've watched it, then you can see more of my work. Put in this player in YouTube's searchbar; zx380972   Then watch our personal videos, like "HOT SPRINGS in CASCADE MOUNTAINS" & other Videos that we are sharing with the world! We are just starting... this is a lot of FUN!!!

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